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Night express HAMANASU nicely reflects early moring sunlight on my long distance trip!
(ED794, 2008.09.13 Tsugaru-miyata --> Aburakawa, Tsugaru channel line, by matipooj

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Welcome to the private homepege of the B0-B0 type Japanese AC Electric Locomotive ED75s and the sister, ED79s, hustling over the Tohoku(North-East) area of Honshu Island, Japan. The 302 units of ED75 were built during 1963-1976. This is the ever-large number among the Japanese AC EL. More than a hundred ED75s have been brought to the third millenium while the 34 ED75s were rebult to ED79s for Seikan tunnel line, channeling between the Honshu and the Hokkaido islands.

Visit the Digital Archive (D-Archive) botton below to see thousands images of the compact but powerful red locos, which have been contributed by two hundreds of Japanese railfans. Sorry current contents are Japanese version only. Nevertheless you can enjoy the D-Archive as the images are in the order of load number. Click thumbnails to see large images. Any comments are welcome at ed75[at]trainwww.com

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Digital image archive


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301-311, 501
738-759 760|791
1001-1015 1016-1025 1026-1039

1-21 51-60(passenger) 51-60(freight) 101-113

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